possible fraudulent dealer license operation, 909-300-5109

its hard enough to teach folks how to stay legal

scams for the dealer license pop up almost daily

we have turned this bad actor into dmv investigations

beware of robert, roger or paul

he accepts payments on paypal and is apparently a scam
using the email address
he is running ads on craigslist, backpage, ebay
using the name robert
with a phone of 909-300-5109
and an address of 17070 wood road, riverside, ca, 92508
his website is:
and that domain is registered to paul burnett
if you want clear concise dealer education
come to our car dealer license class


will the #realcardealerschool have car dealer answers for you ???


here is the latest list of dmv certified car dealer schools

each instructor will tell you they are the best, most experienced & how lousy the competition is


only the #realcardealerschool can show you their license

proudly licensed and teaching since 1998

TriStar Motors LLC

DLR License 35862

Main Location Information
Tel: (415)552-1011
Location Opened : 05/02/2008
Location Closed:
Licensed to Provide,
Offer or Sell:
Used Snowmobile Dealer.
Used Auto/Commercial Vehicle Dealer.
Used Motorcycle Vehicle Dealer.
Used Trailer Vehicle Dealer.
License Information
License No.: 35862
License First Issued: 09/22/1998
Operator or Contact:
Mailing Address: P O BOX 883
APTOS CA 95001

DMV Instructor CCC0004


where the rubber meets the road

and the rest fall behind

come and see us in one of 39 california teaching locations





DMV Dealer Education Providers

Dealer education providers are listed by the type of class offered and area served. All classes are held in a classroom unless noted in the first column.

*Pre-licensing only
**Continuing Education only
DMV has not approved any “on-line” Pre-Licensing Programs

Area and
Type of Class Offered
Online/Home Study Continuing Education title  title Northern Area title Central Area title Southern Area title Provider
X X X X X TriStar Motors, LLC
Phone: 1-800-901-5950
Internet: www.gotplates.com
X X X X X 24-7 Dealer Training Specialists
Phone: 1-951-833-8398
Internet: www.24-7dealerclass.com
X X California Auto Dealer Education
Phone: 1-661-871-3311
Internet: www.cadeclasses.com
X Central Valley Dealers Licensing Renewal Service
Licensing Renewal Service
Phone: 1-209-333-0900
Email: chuckwentland@aol.com
X Superior Vehicle Dealer Training Institute
Phone: 1-949-305-8402
Internet: www.superiorbonds.com
X X Inland Empire/Orange County Dealer School
Phone: 1-909-648-0446
Internet: www.bigcardealer.com
X X X Dealer Training Experts of Northern California
Phone: 1-408-910-3876
Internet: www.dealersclass.com
X X X X X Dealer Intel
Phone: 1-415-613-4754
Internet: www.dealerintel.com
X X X X X $85 Dealer Education
Phone: 1-951-541-8390
Internet: www.waynesinsurance.com
X X X X Los Angeles Dealer School
Phone: 1-310-227-6920
Internet: www.dealerclass.com
*X Dealer License Seminars of San Diego
Phone: 1-619-665-6440
Internet: www.dealerseminars.com
X X X X X Golden State Educational Services
Phone: 1-916-470-4384
Email: chinastew@aol.com
X X X X X Dealer Education Services
Phone: 1-888-323-0031
Internet: www.dealereducation.com
X X Coffer Dealer Education
Phone: 1-888-694-1444
Internet: www.cofferdealereducation.com
X Cesar Carrascos Dealer Licensing Seminars
Phone: 1-619-474-0477
Internet: www.carrascogroup.com
X X Dealers Support Group
Phone: 1-818-758-9951
Internet: www.dealerssupport.com
X X California Accredited Dealer Education
Phone: (714) 300-4148
Email:: cadeclass@aol.com
X X X X X ATG Dealer School
Phone: 1-818-909-7912
Internet: www.atgdealerschool.com
X Bell’s Automotive Dealer
Phone: 1-909-202-9204
Email: bell2automotive@yahoo.com
**X Auto Support Group
Phone: 1-714-588-1511
Email: E2000perez@yahoo.com
X X Dealer Lessons
Phone: 1-877-772-3332
Internet: www.dealerlessons.com
X Online Auto Dealer Ed
Phone: 1-877-724-6150
Internet: www.onlineautodealered.com
X Colby Learning Center of San Diego
Phone: 1-619-559-5748
Email: colbylearning@aol.com
X X Modesto/Central Valley Dealer Education
Phone: 1-209-535-8910
X Best Solutions
Phone: 1-619-546-4064
X X X X X Motorsports Market On-Line Courses, Live Classes and Home Study
Phone: 1-800-980-1967
Internet: www.motorsportsmarket.com
X A-1 Auto Dealers Support Group
Phone: 1-323-781-7130
Internet: www.a1autodealerssg.com
X X X X X Automotive Systems Analysis
Phone: 1-800-564-0984
Internet: www.autosystemsanalysis.com
X X X X X FFW Auto Group
Phone: 1-415-644-8052
Internet: www.ffwautogroup.com
X Dealers Mark Vehicle Education
Phone: 1-714-767-7467
Internet: www.dealersmark.com
*X Priority One Motors
Phone: 1-310-346-4268
Email: priorityonemotors@gmail.com

Last updated: 10/17/2014

dmv investigators hot on the trail of odometer fraud

DMV Investigators on the Forefront of Electronic Odometer Tampering Investigations

Two Southern California Men Charged in Large-Scale Odometer-Rollback Scheme  

When California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) investigators received information of a possible odometer rollback scheme involving a car salesman at a dealership in Los Angeles, they teamed up with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Office of Odometer Fraud Investigation (NHTSA) to find out exactly what was taking place.  As a result of their investigation,  on September 12, 2014, the U.S. Justice Department charged Jeffrey Levy, 62, and Shamai Salpeter, 65, both of Woodland Hills, with odometer tampering.

“California Department of Motor Vehicles investigators pioneered the way law enforcement officers across the country investigate electronic odometer tampering,” said Kenny Ehrman, president of the Association of Motor Vehicle Investigators of California (AMVIC) and Unit-A vice president of the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA).   “With electronic odometers, odometer fraud is on the rise.  Many agencies were at a loss on how to investigate electronic odometer tampering, but California DMV investigators have proven, with arrests, prosecutions and convictions, it can be done.”

Levy was a salesman at Galpin Ford in North Hills.   He is accused of referring  customers and friends to his co-conspirator, Salpeter, who allegedly rolled back odometers in the driveway of his Woodland Hills home.  Levy is alleged to have known that some of these people had exceeded the maximum allowed mileage under the terms of their leases and wished to avoid fees and penalties.  According to the charges, Levy also knew that other customers wanted to lower the mileage on their odometers to make their vehicles more valuable when they traded in the vehicles.  After Salpeter altered the odometers, Levy’s customers returned or traded in their vehicles with falsified lower mileage readings.  According to the accusation, Levy then accepted the vehicles without notifying  Galpin Ford that the odometer readings were false, thus defrauding future owners of the vehicles.  When a Galpin Ford employee suspected this was happening, Galpin Ford notified the DMV and  cooperated with the government’s investigation.

Salpeter is accused of  altering  odometers for friends, acquaintances, strangers, and  customers referred by Levy.  Salpeter allegedly charged between $100 and $400 per odometer and used electronic tools to set the odometer to the mileage requested by his customer.

“This is not a victimless crime,” said CSLEA President Alan Barcelona.  “Unfortunately there are more cases of odometer fraud than there are DMV investigators.  It’s a problem nationwide, but California seems to be a hot spot.  It’s troublesome that someone working at a dealership would partake in such illegal activity.”

how long will the attorney general allow lawless rogue disruptive technology car dealers to operate ??

2015 is the year of the outlaw used car sales model

based upon the uber disruptive technology pattern






are five models we have examined




we are premier providers of car dealer education

since 1998




and we have a keen interest in

maintaining order and regulation

within the auto sales industry

its what we teach to every licensed car dealer




california law both at dmv and the state board of equalization requires a dealer license

if you wish to profit from the sale of a motor vehicle

whether acquired or on consignment

the law applies to each of your business models


the pervasive attitude among disruptive technology is that

we would rather be punished

than ever ask for permission

this attitude is readily apparent in every approach to

dmv compliance we have examined

the sad truth






some of these models hold dealer licenses in remote locations

some of these models hold dealer licenses but show no compliance

some of these models are conducting business with no license whatsoever


here are the glaring compliance violations we see

that will eventually cost them time & money

and/ or limit their ability to conduct

lawful business in california


the federal buyers guide

requires posting on each and every vehicle offered for sale

with a whopping $16k potential fine per vehicle

with @beepi posting 654 cars for sale with no federal buyers guide

the fine alone for this breach could exceed $ 10 million dollars

FTC Buyers Guide Rules


the sales tax due to the state is required to be collected

by the selling dealer along with dmv registration fees

when sold as unlicensed or for the blatant licensed violator

the state can deem illegal activity as a taxable event

which means that sales tax is due from the seller

on each vehicle under their control

sold in an unlawful manner

this tax would be above and beyond any sales tax

paid by the buyer to register the vehicle

if fraud or misrepresentation is apparent

the selling dealer faces tremendous penalties

and possible criminal action

from the state board of equalization


deliberate advertising claims

which violate the truth in advertising provisions

can trigger civil and criminal investigations

from the attorney generals office

as well as well represented dealer organizations

such as NADA, CNCDA and IADAC

civil claims of fraud and misrepresentation

based on unfair competitive advantage

are certainly a possibility


if you wish to contact DMV Investigations

regarding these unlawful disruptive technology models

we suggest you complete a dmv complaint form

and contact your closest dmv licensing inspector


if you need our assistance

feel free to call our 24/7 call center



palm springs car dealer school is taught by a real car dealer

imagine this

a real car dealer teaching car dealer school

would you be surprized to know

we are the only licensed retail car dealers

certified to teach car dealer education

we are not attorneys

we are not tax advisors

we are not bond agents

we are not insurance salespeople

we are not selling you car dealer forms


with real life experience

we specialize in california dmv certified car dealer license training

no one does it better

getting started requires our

Car Dealer Class


Your Car Dealer Bond

$ 10,000 baby bond for wholesale only and retail motorcycles

$ 50,000 dealer bond for unrestricted wholesale, retail selling and auto-brokering

Click here for an immediate car dealer bond quote

dlr plate


disruptive technology car dealer school


imagine starting a

used car sales model with

millions of venture capital money

and not doing your legal homework

we know the disruptive technology motto

“we would rather be punished than ever ask for permission”

some might call that position pure insanity

some might call it innovative and cutting edge

we call it rogue lawless intentional criminal behavior

the california government is watching you

the FTC is watching you

some obvious problems:

sales tax fraud

truth in advertising

consumer protection

vehicle history disclosure

unfair competitive practices

your used car sales consignment models

can be modified easily to achieive compliance

but that means following the dmv car dealer handbook

@beepi @instamotor @driveshift @carkibo

@roadsterusa @trycarlypso @carwoo

good luck in your search for success

we will be watching you as well






silicon valley car dealer school

since 1998







new labeling rules for BHPH car dealerships

BHPH Dealer Requirements

The new legislation requires BHPH dealers, on every vehicle sold or leased, to:

Restrict the use of global positioning satellite (GPS) and starter interrupt devices,
unless the buyer has been advised. As with all consumer advisory requirements, the
department recommends the advisory statement be in writing and the buyer’s
signature is obtained on such written document.

Affix and prominently display a label on any used vehicle offered for retail sale that
states the reasonable market value of the vehicle. The label must meet all of the
following conditions:

—Printed with a heading in at least 16-point bold type that reads


with text at least 12-point type.

—Located adjacent to the Used Car Buyer’s Guide located prominently and
conspicuously on the vehicle so that it is readily readable.

—Identify all equipment included with the vehicle.

—Contain the information used to determine the reasonable market value of the
vehicle, including, but not limited to, the use of a nationally recognized pricing
guide for used vehicles.

—Contain the date the reasonable market value was determined.

—Indicate that the reasonable market value is being provided only for comparison
shopping and is not the retail sales price or the advertised price of the vehicle.


DMV Certified Car Dealer Education






#realcardealerschool posting of advertised vehicles

car dealer compliance tips from the #realcardealerschool

we recently met with larry, executive director of IADAC

and we discussed the need for enhanced car dealer education

in that regard

we offer specific tips for continued compliance

for existing california car dealers

retail car dealers must post all online ads running in the dealership

every retail car dealer must post in the dealership

a copy of each and every ad listing inventory available for retail sale

remember, the advertised price MUST prevail

advertise disclosures and prior history

advertise certified or included warranties

advertise with real photos of your vehicle

advertise with the buyers guide posted

advertise vehicle by plate of partial VIN

DMV Advertising rules for retail car dealers


dmv certified car dealer education since 1998

the only #realcardealer certified to teach




who is emily melton of rogue lawless used car dealer startup @driveshift ???

Emily Melton


Emily started her career at DFJ and spent eight years at the firm where she sourced and became actively involved in consumer and enterprise investments including Meebo (acquired by Google), Flux (acquired by MTVNetworks), Kudo (acquired by Google), Redfin, ShareThis, and RichRelevance. Emily spent a year with Mayfield Fund where she was involved in creating the firm’s mobile and consumer investment strategy.  Emily previously served on the boards of NearbyNow, Redfin, and ShareThis. Recently, she was an advisor to Pulse Networks (acquired by LinkedIn), HealthTap, and PoshMark.

She holds a BA with honors and distinction in political philosophy and an MBA, both from Stanford University.  She is a mother to two daughters and is passionate about food, wine, and spending time outdoors.

#realcardealerschool for those that want to do it right

we are the


established in April 1998

by real licensed retail car dealers


DLR license 35862

most of are competitors are unlicensed

or simply licensed as wholesale only dealers

DMV list of car dealer school providers as of 2014


if you are looking for real unrestricted car dealer auction access

you need our car dealer class

you need a current car dealer bond

you need a current DMV LiveScan fingerprint card

you need a current DMV Property Use Verification

you need a temporary car dealer license from your DMV Inspector

you need a completed licensed car dealer Auction Access Application

you will need car dealer insurance and dealer plates to leave the auction

once you make your first car dealer auction purchase

go with the leader in california DMV certified car dealer licensing education


classes offered in more cities than all other providers combined

find out why we are so strong ( #1 )  in car dealer licensing education




DMV car dealer school list of providers

if you need good cheap frames call jody…..949-837-4088


Advertise your dealership long after the sale! Constructed of weather-resistant, high-impact BLACK polystyrene. Your message is screen printed directly onto the frame. Minimum order is 125 frames. Orders are subject to a 10% overrun/under run and are charged accordingly. When ordering, please note the following in the information field shown above. (1) Desired imprint on top & bottom panels. (2) Desired Imprint Color (colors available: White, Yellow, Red or Orange (3) Whether you want 2 or 4 holes. We will fax over a layout for approval. Any changes other than corrections, may incur an art charge. Die Charges: $150.00 One-Time Die charge on orders of 125. Any order of of 250 or more frames is $50.00 One-Time Dei charge. All re-orders do NOT incur any die charges.
  • got jodyModel: 705BLACK


carlypso…..rogue lawless startup or legit used car dealer ???

car dealer truth in advertising law

originating from the FTC

requires actual photos

with correct mileage

for each car displayed by a licensed used car dealer


carlypso has a used car dealer license

but chooses to use stock photos without exact mileage

whats up with the stock photos and no correct mileage ???

rogue lawless startup or real used car dealer ???

truth in advertising is a strong reflection of how a dealer handles his business


car dealer education

since 1998





Main Location Information
Tel: (650)842-0703
Location Opened : 06/17/2014
Location Closed:
Licensed to Provide,
Offer or Sell:
Used Auto/Commercial Vehicle Dealer.
License Information
License No.: 85961
License First Issued: 06/17/2014
Operator or Contact:

car dealer photoshoot mandatory

IMPORTANT NOTE: The department will perform on site inspections to conirm the contents of photographs.
Submission of fraudulent application form(s) and/or photograph(s) is grounds to refuse to issue this and any
subsequent license.
− Photographs must be clear enough to ensure compliance with requirements.

− Each photograph must be dated and signed.

− Photograph must be attached to a sheet of paper, labeled and numbered according to directions below.

• Office
− Photographs must clearly show an office set up to perform the duties required by the license type, including
adequate secure storage for accountable materials and records.
• Entrance
− Photograph(s) of the office entrance, which includes the office address from the outside of the building.
(NOTE: See directions under sign for further directions if the address is not affixed near the office entrance
or to the exterior of the building.)
− If the office entrance is not directly accessible from the exterior, then a photograph from the corridor showing
the direct entrance is also required.
• Office Use
− Exclusive Office Use: A full photograph from the entrance to the back wall which includes both side walls.
Option: Two or more photographs that can be placed together covering the entire office area.
− Non-Exclusive Office Use: Businesses involving vehicles or their component parts must be conducted
separate from other types of businesses. Provide photographs that clearly show the physical division
between businesses involving vehicles or their component parts, (1670 CVC).
• Books and Records
− Photograph(s) of where the books and records pertinent to the type of business being conducted are kept
(320 CVC).
• Sign
− Photograph(s) must clearly show a sign permanently affixed to the exterior of the building, visible from a
distance of ifty (50) feet. If the address is not visible on the exterior of the building, then it must appear on
the sign.
− Sign From Fifty (50) Feet: A photograph of the sign from a distance of ifty (50) feet is required.
− Sign From Property Entrance: A photograph of the sign from the nearest public entrance to the property.
• Display Area
− Photograph(s) must clearly show an area large enough for the type of vehicle(s) for sale and must be for the
exclusive use of the licensee.
− Photographs of the complete display area.
− Photograph(s) that shows the proximity of the display area(s) to the office. If the display area is not in the
immediate vicinity of the office, another permanently installed sign is required to identify the business name
and office address.
− Photograph(s) that includes display area sign(s). If utilizing designated parking spaces, a sign must be
permanently installed designating the spaces for the exclusive use of the licensee (business name). A copy
of a contract or lease agreement for the spaces must be included with the application.
• Location
− Licensees with minimal license requirements must submit a photograph that clearly shows the place of
business (exterior of building and/or property), posted business name sign and area for licensed activity.

do you have experience in the car business ???


if you have experience in the car business

we have openings for qualified teachers

we run the largest car dealer school in america

we are certified by the california dmv since 1998



the retail side of this business is complex

the wholesale side could not be more simple

teaching car dealer school can be fun and exciting

we deal with over 50 cultures in california


we teach old scholl business principles

honor your obligations

treat customers well

respect yourself and your staff

making money can be fun and exciting


if you are interested

we will need a resume and a background check

please call Charlotte today